Tinnitus Relief

Tinnitus Relief

tinnitus reliefLooking for tinnitus relief? You’ve come to the right place.

In the next few moments, I will share with you some easy to follow remedies that you can try at home to get tinnitus relief.

1. Preparing home-made food

Reducing the intake of salt, sugar and trans-fat is often easier said than done as fast-food and outside meals tend to be high in salt, sugar and fats. The best way is to start preparing home-made meals and start reading the labels on the food you buy at the grocery stores.

Fret not! There are many healthy recipes available to help you!

Here are some tips. You can use herbs and spices instead of salt to flavor foods, use olive oil in place of butter and remember to incorporate more fresh fruits, raw vegetables and whole grains in your diet.

Feel free to toss a bunch of minced garlic and onion into your salad, burger or cooking. Not only do they taste good, they are found to be great natural remedies for tinnitus relief. They work best when eaten raw. However, if you do not like the taste of raw garlic, you can consider consuming garlic supplements instead.

2. Identify food that ease or trigger your tinnitus symptoms

The food that you eat can increase or decrease the severity of your tinnitus symptoms. Diary products, wheat and citrus are some foods that are found to increase severity in many patients.

However, you will need to identify what food can ease or trigger your tinnitus symptoms through trial and error as different people may react differently towards the same food. It is a good idea to keep a detailed logbook to track the food you eat and your conditions afterwards. This would help you identify what food to avoid and what to consume for tinnitus relief.

In general, alcohol, cigarettes and caffeine products (such as coffee) are known to stimulate the central nervous system, hence increasing the severity of tinnitus symptoms. If you are seeking tinnitus relief, be sure to stay away from these stimulants.

3. Detox with juice cleansing

If you are new to deep cleansing program and detoxification, do not be too quick to jump into water cleansing. Start with juice cleansing at your home. Do check out the Tinnitus Miracle by Thomas Coleman for more tips and details on how to carry out a juice cleansing program.

4. Massage

Massage therapy has been widely used since ancient times for a wide range of illnesses and disorders to relieve pains and discomfort. In general, massage can relieve tension in your muscles and help your body to relax, hence effectively reducing your mental stress. Hence massage is an excellent relaxation treatment to help chronic tinnitus sufferer de-stress. Hence it is a good idea if you and your partner can pick up some simple massage techniques so that you can enjoy a daily short massage at home.

You can carry out a simple ear massage at home by using your index fingers and thumbs to press your ears closely to the head, followed by massaging your earlobes and the other edges of the ear.

Other forms of massages that are found to provide tinnitus relief include full body massage, cranial massage, trigger point therapy, lymphatic massage, myofascial massage, foot reflexology, Traditional Chinese acupressure and Swedish massage to the head, neck, jaw and chest. However, you will need to engage a professional licensed massage therapist for such massage therapies.

5. Get a white noise machine or sound tapes to help you sleep better

If you are unable to sleep due to the constant noise in your ears, you can consider making use of white noise machines and sound tapes of soothing natural sounds (such as rainfalls, ocean waves, humming, chants and wind sounds) to mask your tinnitus noise.

BIG TIP: Are you suffering a more sever dose of tinnitus symptoms in the morning? Try drinking a sugary drink such as juice or tea with a teaspoon of sugar for morning tinnitus relief.

Find Out More…

Hopefully you’ve found the tips and suggestions I’ve provided on this page to be useful. However, the above tips might be insufficient to totally eliminate your tinnitus noise. What I strongly recommend you do now is to check out the Tinnitus Miracle by Thomas Coleman, to learn about his unique, natural and holistic 5-Step program for lasting tinnitus relief.

Moreover, Coleman also shares many natural remedies and tips that are simple to implement in your daily life, coupled with detailed dietary and nutritional advice.

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  1. mike says:

    Hi, thanks for the info. Yes, I’ve read a lot about the need to make dietary changes such as reducing the intake of salt, sugar, fats and caffeine. But it is really not easy… well, at least for me…

    • Yohannes says:

      Hi Mike, glad you found the info useful. Well, it certainly takes some effort. Here are some tips to make it easier. You might want to get your family members involved too. Let them know about the advantages of a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, instead of snacking on potato chips (like what so many of us are used to), try switching to a healthier snack like dried fruits. The chewing action also helps in blood circulation!

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