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Hi, my name is Yohannes and I had been a patient of tinnitus for two years. I was diagnosed with tinnitus and being told by doctors to ‘live with it’. After having success alleviating the symptoms through lifestyle changes, I’ve decided to set up MyTinnitusAdvice.com to share with the readers the resources that I’ve used to the effect.

I don’t claim to know anything about tinnitus as I am neither a doctor nor health researcher. However, I am constantly learning about the conditions and symptoms of tinnitus  to share with the readers of this website the best tips and advice to combat tinnitus.

The pages on this site provide a wealth of information about tinnitus, including what exactly tinnitus is, their causes, their symptoms, and various ways to combat the ailment using methods that are readily available without painful surgery and ineffective drugs.

We highly recommend that you visit all the pages and visit often. Do follow the advice here and recommend the site to any of your friends who are likely to benefit from the information displayed here.

If you have any suggestion or you wish to get in touch with us, please feel free to use the Contact Page or leave a comment on the posts.

Thank you for visiting MyTinnitusAdvice.com,


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